"Infopoesia", personal assignments for the Density Design Research Lab from Politecnico of Milan. The idea was to visualise data of the Indonesian forest in a more poetic way
The project represents the situation of the Indonesian forest since 1990 until 2015. Indonesia’s rainforests are home to some of the highest levels of biological diversity in the world. Since 1990 its forests and its biodiversity has been destroyed and even if some measures has been taken from the government, there is still a big lack of consciousness.

Following the database, I’ve recreated the sound of the forest ‘situation and its development. I’ve worked in Adobe Audition to recreate each variable of the forest’s data; the primary forest, the biodiversity, the burned forest area, the principal causes of deforestation and finally its recovery. Each track was then handled in relation to its progression; for example, the loss of the primary forest follows the decrescendo curve. To increase the comprehension, I’ve then created an ana- logy between the forest, it’s mirror in the water (as often seen in Indonesia) and a soundtrack form. This form was animated in After Effect in order to follow the sound beforehand established.

Indonesian Forest Ressources, FAO,
«Wood Fiber» and «Oil Palm» World Resources Institute. Accessed through Global Forest Watch,

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